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Hold Onto Your home, property, and land

Holy City Treks Can Help!






Our Mission Is To Energize People and Energize Assets


1. Connecting Homes to Communities
2. Creating the Best Designed Home on the Street

3. Paying Living Wages and Benefits To All Staff
4. Implementing a Home Arts Training Program 
5. Ensure Our Clients Never Become Homeless Again
All Hands In

Community Partners 

We Work With 60 Community Partners Statewide With 4 Completed Housing Developments 
Our Programs Are Actively Serving 111 Veterans, Women, and Families


Help You?


Our Mission Is To Help Energize Organizations,

People, And Assets To Create Communities Of Homes With A Lifetime Of Support

Architectural Design/ Historical Preservation

The goal is to renovate homes to be the best looking on the street by bringing architectural interior + landscape design to ever home. This will create non-toxic + healthy home environmentals


A team of grant writers available to prepare grant submissions to raise funds to support your passions 

Human Resources

Designing strong compensation + benefits packages for all employees

Assessing + interviewing potential candidates

Basic life skill building to improve client service + supervisory + management development

Strategic Planning

Planning for the next 3 years of economic sustainability

Project Management 

Assist, coordinate architects, engineers, designers, + contractors for on time + under/on budget completion. This will help financial sustainability


Establishing best practices, paying lving wages with benefits, + provide a smooth transition from operator to operator 


Establishing board oversight and committee support structure


Energizing your home + property to help others in need 

Finance + Accounting

Run economically sustainable projects + establish operating + contingency reserve


Over half a million of Americans

go homeless in a single night in the U.S

17 out of every 10,000 

are homeless in the U.S

1 out of 3 

veterans are homeless

Approx. 200,000 

of homeless are

found sleeping on the streets

the council of economic advisers 

Over 350,000 

sheltered homeless are in emergency shelters + transitional housing programs

The State of Homelessness in America

Report of 2020

Click on the link below for

more findings from the report

In 2018