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Their Stories 

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Chris Bates’ Story


Holy City Treks was born in the Fall of 2015 shortly after a tragedy that has become all too familiar here in Charleston. Christopher Bates was a 21 year old Senior Exercise Science major at the College of Charleston. He worked hard in school with the hopes of studying alternative medicine at a chiropractic school in Atlanta after graduation. Chris left a positive impact on everyone he came across due to his infectiously happy personality and his great outlook on life. Chris was there for everybody, whether that was his best friend or a complete stranger. In a world filled with people trying to bring you down, he was always bringing people up. Chris lived life true to his beliefs, as evident by his dedication to a strict vegan diet and an overall healthy lifestyle. Naturally, he used his bike as his main mode of transportation around Charleston. Chris Bates was struck and killed by a car while riding his bike home on Meeting Street on October 22nd, 2015. The aftermath of Chris’ passing sent shockwaves through Charleston all the way back to his hometown of Columbia. He was the finest person I’ve ever had the pleasure to call my friend and I speak for everyone when I say the lack of his amazing spirit and attitude has left a void in our lives. However, life always works in funny ways. After discussing Chris and his story with a professor at the College of Charleston, Denise Fugo, we knew there needed to be change and Holy City Treks was born just two months later. It’s amazing to think that the impact of Chris’ life will be able to stretch far beyond his time on earth. Chris was the inspiration to so many of us, so it’s only fitting that he be the inspiration behind an organization focused on taking care of others through safer streets.

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