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 By Lia Colabello

Blog - Lia Colabello
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Lia Colabello is an active member of the Ocean Exchange helping fight plastics in our oceans. She has twelve years of experience in ocean conservation. Before working with ocean conservation she traveled around the world working for premier sports. Lia has worked with many organizations such as the 5 Gyres Institute and Surfrider Foundation. Also, she has helped multiple organizations take part in keeping plastic out of the oceans, she has helped the following organizations; Costa Sunglasses, LUSH cosmetics, Klean Kanteen, and Whole Foods.

By Dr. Kate Mullah

Dr. Katherine Mullah, a professor of chemistry at the College of Charleston, has spent her time researching water quality, and how flooding and other significant water events affect clean water. In her research, she found three classifications of contaminants affecting our water supply: Chemical & Biological contaminants, Heavy metals, and organic contaminants. While all pollutants from these categories can be considered unhealthy, she explained, “The poison is in the dose.”

Blog - Katherine Mullah
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