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Dr. Mike Bauerschmidt

Former ER doctor and medical director

Dr. Bauerschmidt has

 been practicing functional medicine for 36 years now while depicting many problems in the medical world that many of us are unaware of or uneducated about: 


 Hormone disruptors can be disrupted by chemicals or toxic metals in three distinct ways:

        They can act as imitators of the hormone

        They can block the action of the hormone on the cell

        They can interfere with the manufacturing of the hormone.  He then gives a list of chemicals that interfere with            hormones and how to avoid them

 Bisphenol A (BPA):

  • Can cause increase in breast cancer, heart disease, obesity, estrogen imitator, and is the cause of early puberty     

  • Often found in plastics, canned food, receipt paper, and recyclable #7

  • Some products will say “BPA free”, but use a chemical similar and may be even worse called BPS

  • To avoid BPA, use glass or stainless steel whenever possible, and avoid handling cash register receipt paper


  • Disrupts signaling and affects the immune and reproductive systems

  • Being exposed while pregnant can permanently affects sperm production in prime reproductive years in male children

  • It’s a byproduct of industrial use, forest fires and volcanoes 

  • It now commonly contaminates animal feed. To avoid it, you should only use organic, grass fed meat, butter, milk; free range eggs and wild caught fish


  • An estrogen mimic that can turn male frogs into egg bearing females and a source of breast tumors 

  • It’s commonly found in drinking water due to its heavy use as an herbicide in corn production

  • To avoid it, you should use water filtration and be sure to find one that can remove chemicals such as the Berkey water filters

Podcast - Dr. Bauerschmidt
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